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Career & Confusion: An Everyday Story

Career & Confusion: An Everyday Story

History and experience tell us that moral progress comes not in comfortable and complacent times, but out of trial and confusion.Gerald R. Ford

And in my own way I have observed, those who have not seen thirst don’t enjoy the taste of water. It means you may be confused, unclear, often feel defeated or finding lack of ideas in your life turning you off all the time you want to get motivated but this grinding and crushing actually preparing you to be polished like a rough diamond goes through the tough process to get a good rating and a high price.

A quest of a successful career is perhaps the single most factor that could be said common to every human being alive today. Career choices in India however not an easy task, I call it ocean of confusion since the day we start learning to get educated.

Indian education system itself, parents pressure and even more than parents the pressure from society because of the long standing unwritten culture of doing something because somebody else is doing or because the whole world seems to be doing is at the very heart of creating disturbance throughout the life cycle of human beings as they become career conscious.

Multiple education board, universities, numerous type of curriculum, degrees, syllabus, books, e-book and what not but in the end everything seems in sufficient when you get to think about your career and you are clueless as what would work with your kind of personality or mindset in particular.

For example, In cricket loving country that we are, we see everyday a new player emerge and lakhs are playing but only few are made for this game, which become evident when we see the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and other stars like them. Cause not everyone sees or take cricket as these people. Similarly, despite you think a particular career is high paying and may look like a stable from outside, the real story shall be revealed once you happen to start.

Yes, I know. I am giving my reader some gyan which perhaps everyone has read about in school and on social media, that one should do what their heart says and yes, I also have read quotes like, follow your dream and what not, but believe me saying is perhaps the easiest job in the world, then actually living it in real world.

If you haven’t given a thought about it till now, you must today. Career confusion is as critical to address as any other critical disease you know need treatment but fortunately it is treatable and with very ease if you know where to go and whom to ask.

Look around you, ask for help but not from your friend or family. It takes an expert to treat a problem so vast and so real and not a commoner around you would be able to solve it for you.

For starters if you are confused, where to go and no one seems to come to mind. You can reach to FinTech Studies, we may not be experts in every field of work available today, but we are expert professionals who have rigorously grinded ourselves day in and day out which made us what we are today. We have seen struggle up close of numerous professionals, so much that now we know when is something not right when it is not and what could be done in those circumstances.

We are definitely experts in Finance, and if this term confuse you then definitely you should approach our career counselors to solve it for you.

Think about it, that getting employment, and earning quick cash, isn’t the sole demand of humans. What is the point of all that hard work you have put in place if you are not Happy in the end, there is no Job satisfaction or motivation, or if you are not living a stress free life as these are very vital wants of humans.

These wants can be achieved only if we have a tendency to enjoy and be contained with what we have and what we could achieve further with that much we have.

While selecting a career for yourself what is essential is that you focus on the aspects of ability, temperament, Interest. Then on the careers and what is best for you.

Leaving you with some thoughts to ponder about, and if something is still ringing in your head after all the efforts, ring our phones and not your minds dear.

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