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Why Hire a CFA Charter Holder?

Why Hire a CFA Charter Holder?

The future for Indian Economy looks very promising In the recent World Economic Outlook (April 2017), the IMF projection says that India could grow at 7.2% and 7.7% in FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19, respectively, on account of key structural reforms and the successful adoption of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Amid these positive development, if we are to believe what SEBI mentioned in its annual report, that during 2016-17 Indian Security Market added about 7.7 million new investor portfolios.

It further indicates that Indian Capital Markets is going to experience greater liquidity. In order to cater to this need of the market, the job market in India is going to see some significant increase in the demand of qualified professionals, across the range of domains like, portfolio managers, security analysts, corporate finance, fixed income, equity & derivatives investments advisors & other investment banking support & risk management staff.

Investment Banking is a demanding profession yet with sensitive and critical processes. Hiring a right fit for these jobs is a daunting task for Human Resource Professionals, unless they look to a filtered yet correct approach of looking at some kind of qualification into Investment Banking, which help them hand picking a candidate with the right mix of skills and ethics.

Chartered Financial
Analyst (CFA®)

The CFA® Exams from CFA Institute brings about a balanced curriculum and testing methodologies which relates to current industry practices, investment theories, and professional & ethical standards for exam takers to be the one who at a later stage can go about joining any kind of role into Investment Banking Space, from investment analysis and portfolio management among many others.

Known as a gold standard among many such qualification available for Investment Banking Professional, simply because it is dynamic which keep pace of changing economic scenarios, products, processes and ethical practices etc.

Subject wise you can find coverage of ethical and professional standards, quantitative methods, international financial statement analysis, securities analysis and valuation, economics, portfolio management, corporate finance, wealth and portfolio management & analysis.

Earning a CFA Charter itself is a matter of pride, as testing methodology is very rigorous, it is simple for only those who approach it with the right planning & mindset, follow a tight calendar, can study as per the plan set, which means as long as 600 to 1000+ hours of dedicated studies.

You need to be with at least four years of professional experience and should pass all levels of exam e.g. Level 1, 2 & 3 to be awarded the prestigious CFA® charter.  More than 30,000 Investment Firms, including Banks & Brokerage Houses, prefer The CFA® credential as the standard of choice, for professional skills & ethics.

Not only this, a charter holder is get to be part of global community qualified investment banking professionals, supported by CFA® Institute. Having the charter means an individual is committed to profession, motivated, ethical & rightly skilled.

CFA® Institute mandate all charterholders to annually attest to their compliance with the Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Companies in India – both having presence in multiple countries or pure domestic, can be confident on the promises the market hold for them, in terms of more earning opportunity, with the help of a talented pool of people. The country is going to lead the world in the coming days in terms of growth potential it has in store on account of positive outlook of our GDP across sectors.

The startup culture, specially in small scale lending and investment space also brings about only a golden ray of hope for upcoming professionals, however all it takes to get recognised by the headhunter to be seen distinguished and stand out from the crowd when the time comes.

CFA® Qualification could therefore be, one stop solution for both the industry and talent to meet at a common point.

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